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Last night, September 13, 2008, SNL (Saturday Night Live) hosted by Olympic great Michael Phelps, did a Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton skit.  It was hysterical.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it now.   It really gets to the heart of the matter… from Palin saying that she is running for President, to Clinton having wanted the White House sooo bad… to the lip stick jokes, to Palin’s mannerism and feminism.  It’s harmless good old fashion funny.

Click Here for direct link to see the SNL skit

Tina Fey, former “Saturday Night Live” head writer played Sarah Palin – but she did such a great job you had to think twice as to whether it was Fey at all – or maybe it was in fact Palin herself.  There is an unbelievable resemblance between the two ladies.  Fey did come back to the show to do an appearance.  She left the show a few years ago to do “30 Rock.”  I was able to find a clip showing the two ladies side by side.

Click Here to see if Fey resembles Palin

Sarah Palin has become the fashion trend setter just as Jacqueline Kennedy did just a few decades ago (OK, it was more than just a few decades, but time goes by so fast.)

Ever since Palin spoke at the RNC, her signature eye glasses, rimless frames made from titanium, created by the Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki (Style series 704, Color 34)  have been selling so fast that according to the manufacturer, they are currently on back order.

Naughty Monkey Double Dare Pumps

Naughty Monkey Double Dare Pumps

Apepazza Musa

Apepazza Musa

As for her red shoes, there is a question as to exactly what shoes was she wearing.

Were they Naughty Monkey Double Dare Pumps or Apepazza Musa?

They are both similar in style.  My vote goes for the Naughty Monkey.

Either way, they are a nice shoe.  And sales are up 50% on Amazon for the red pump.

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Jessica Simpson made a boo-boo when she accidentally told her boyfriend, Tony Romo, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, that she was pregnant. She has declared her love for him, and has nicknamed him her future baby’s daddy. That’s FUTURE baby… so, NO she is not pregnant.

Jessica Simpson, 28, is on the road to re-launch her music career, and her life that would include a husband and family of her own. So, even though she wishes she were pregnant with Tony Romo’s baby, she indeed is NOT. Even though she wore a flowing dress that everyone swore was to hide her baby bump.

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

The latest political/celebrity gossip is surrounding Senator John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin. Rumor has it that when the latest Palin baby was born, it wasn’t Sarah that gave birth, but instead her 16 year old daughter Bristol.

Is this true? I don’t know.. what I do know is that there is a picture circulating that shows the family in 2006 (shown above). In this photo, Bristol has a belly bump. Does that make her pregnant? I don’t think so.

The other “evidence” is that Sarah told everyone she was pregnant at seven months… and she didn’t even look it. Everyone was surprised, even those working closely with her. So she didn’t “look” pregnant. I know a woman who when pregnant with her 6th child (in her 40s like Sarah), didn’t even know she was pregnant until she was 6 months along. She had experienced 5 other pregnancies… one whould think that she would “know” when she’s pregnant and would for sure look it. She didn’t know, and she didn’t look it. She carried the baby in her back. This happens.

Sarah’s water broke 1 month early, while on a speaking engagement in Texas, she then jumped on a plane and flew back the 8 hours to Alaska to give birth. Giving birth in Texas wasn’t happening for Sarah Palin. Why? Good question. Maybe she wanted her family there and knew enough from her previous 4 pregnancies that she had time to fly back. I don’t know. But no one on board noticed that Sarah was going into labor. The plane landed in Anchorage, Alaska. And instead of going to a hospital in Anchorage where they can accommodate a premature birth of a Downs baby, she drove 45 minutes away to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, right outside the small village she was at one time Mayor, Wasilla.

Again, does this make it true that Sarah is indeed the grandmother of baby Trig? I don’t know. I know that when my water broke with my son, contractions didn’t start for about 20 hours when I was induced.

More “evidence”… Bristol Palin was apparently taken out of school for the last trimester of Sarah’s pregnancy. She allegedly had mononucleosis and it just wouldn’t go away. This usually lasts a few weeks to 3 months, but for Bristol, that bugger stuck around for 5 – 8 months.

Sarah Palin also was reported to have returned to work just 3 days after giving birth to baby Trig.

This is an interesting point, chances of having a child with Down’s Syndrome increases from under 1% to 3% after a mother reaches the age of 40. However, 80% of the cases of Down’s Syndrome are in mothers under the age of 35.

So, is there “overwhelming” evidence that Bristol Palin is the actual mother of baby Trig Palin? That Sarah Palin, Vice Presidential candidate for Senator John McCain actually lied about giving birth to her 5th child, and instead covered up the pregnancy of her 16 year old daughter? Only you can determine that for yourself.

For me personally – what does it matter? Have you never been in a situation where you made a judgment call on how to handle something, and maybe had second thoughts about it later? IF she lied, maybe that’s what happened. Are people that run for office, executive or not, not human? Do we hold them to higher standards than we hold ourself? Why is that? We’re all the same. We’re all people. We all do what we feel is best when the situation arises. There is no right and wrong. We do what we do for the reason we do it. Again, IF Sarah Palin lied about being pregnant to protect her daughter, she did it for a reason. And we must trust that her decision was the best decision for her family at the time, just as we must trust our own decisions when we make them.